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Developing into the 68HC11D0  (MicroStamp11)

The 68HC11D0 provides 192 bytes RAM and 8KB internal EEPROM. The following monitors can be used for development into systems based on the '11DO.


DIMON is a 192 byte version of  IMON. Use it for the initial contact with the target board.


DPMON is a variation of PMON, which is loaded into the EEPROM. This is the working monitor. When DPMON has been loaded, it will run whenever the '11D0-system is powered-up or reset in normal (run) mode. No need to reload the monitor everytime.

Writing into the EEPROM

Writing into EEPROM needs a delay for every byte. There is a simple solution: Communicate with 1200 baud. There is no penalty. Writing the EEPROM needs some time anyway; on the other hand, with Holon 11 you work incrementally on the existing program in the EEPROM, thus you  transfer the complete program only once. 

Set the Host to 1200 baud.

Open the test mode in Holon11 (Ctrl+F4) and enter: "1200 =BAUDRATE"

Loading a Monitor

Set the Holon11 to 1200 baud and bootload the monitor. DPMON is also copied to the EEPROM in the process. After loading you should see the blinking dot at the lower right corner of Holon11, which indicates valid communication with the monitor.

Adapting the Forth System

Adjust the system parameters.

( SetRAM )

$98 =RAM-Base
$FF =RAM-Top

( SetROM )

$E000 =ROM-Base

$00 EQU Registerbase

$56 EQU SystemArea


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